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Auckland is probably the largest city in New Zealand, but the beauty of nature is all around it. Pack a bag, jump in a car or rent your portable home, and head across the bustling city center to find a collection of beautiful wallpapers. Below are the best places to visit in Auckland.

For many tourists, Auckland is a few days to view the cultural and foreign attractions. In fact, monuments, museums, and many art paintings here are among the most beautiful in the world. To immerse yourself in Auckland’s natural wonders, check out these places you should visit in Auckland.

Places to visit in Auckland for free

1. Albert Park

The green center of the city center is Albert Park with its magnificent Victorian fountain, a variety of photographs, and lots of flowers. As well as being a quiet place amidst the hustle and bustle of an inner-city, the park is home to small and quirky attractions that will captivate you.

The Albert Park House contains an eclectic array of pottery and clocks. It contains a floral clock (since 1953) that marks the entrance to Princes Street This Neoclassical wooden structure (built-in 1856) was New Zealand’s first parliament. In opposition to the Old Government House is the Old Synagogue, dating to 1884, now used for cultural events. If you are visiting Auckland in June-July, you should also look out for Turama Festival. It is an exciting light-focused event that is the best thing you can do in Auckland at night.

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2. Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)


Auckland’s Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT), located in the Western Springs region.
It is dedicated to the history of technology and transport in New Zealand.

Its awards show is related to New Zealand aviation pioneer Richard Pearse (1877-1953), who made his first flight at the same time as the Wright brothers, while the 90 Degrees South exhibition was dedicated to the Trans-Antarctic tour of New Zealand explorer Sir Edmund Hillary.

Other items include senior trainers, stock-rolling stock, trams, and vintage cars. Moreover, it also has a large collection of black and white photographs. Fun forums and educational programs are offered, and for a real treat, board one of the vintage tram works from the museum.

Places to visit in Auckland city

3. Great Barrier Island

Its beauty is underrated, and which is a short boat ride away, the Great Barrier Island is a small grid. The island sounds like a piece of paradise – still untouched by today’s world for the most part.
The free-living lifestyle here is part of the appeal: accommodation is low, beaches are diverse and the use of technology is encouraged.

4. Auckland Harbour Bridge Adventures

Places to visit in Auckland at night -

The central harbor, owned by the Auckland Harbor Bridge, was completed in 1959. It is more than a mile long and 43 feet [43 m] high, connecting the city of Auckland with the northern regions and the sandy beaches of the northernmost harbor.

The bridge also offers many fun things you can do to add to the excitement of your sightseeing experience. One of the most exciting things to do is the Auckland Harbor Bridge bungee jump. It involves walking a special bridge before diving 40 feet into the water port below.

Places to visit in Auckland at night

5. Cornwall Park

Think of Central Park in New York but with a New Zealand twist, and you have Cornwall Park. This vast park, located on the top of a volcano, offers a host of green spaces. It also offers unique features such as the remains of the pre-European Maori castle and the remains of Sir John Logan Campbell, the park’s donor. One of the park’s biggest assets is its place of view: Don’t leave without commenting on One Tree Hill.

Previous visitors encouraged the atmosphere of a relaxed, family-friendly park and its facilities, including picnic areas, a playground, running and cycling trails, a tennis center, and gardens. Part of the park is set aside for farm animals such as sheep and cattle. Past travelers have given more praise for the panoramas of the park, adding that bringing a camera to take pictures is a must.

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6. Waitakere Ranges Regional Park

Places to visit in Auckland today -

Located on the west coast of North Island less than 17 miles from the city center. Waitakere Ranges Regional Park covers 40,000 acres of forest and beaches. Everything from hiking and cycling to bird watching and hiking on the sandy beaches can be enjoyed here. Landscapes to see in this magnificent park include Piha and Whatipu beaches and Fairy Falls waterfall.

Although past visitors said the view alone was worth a drive, outdoor enthusiasts will also enjoy walking in the park. But remember, many forested areas of the park, including its paths, have been closed until further notice due to the dieback kauri epidemic that has infected some of the park’s kauri trees.

Free places to visit in Auckland

7. Tiritiri Matangi Sanctuary

Bird lovers and outdoor enthusiasts cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Tiritiri Matangi Sanctuary. Located on Tiritiri Matangi Island in Hauraki Gulf (also within Rangitoto Island and Waiheke Island), this wildlife sanctuary is considered one of the most successful conservation projects in New Zealand. Notable wildlife on the island includes small kiwis, tuis, tuaters, and South Island takahes.

Recent visitors have enjoyed the natural beauty of the wildlife sanctuary and its breathtaking trails and added that they have seen many bird species during their visit. To make the most of your time on the island, some recommend a two-hour paid trip.

Triangle Matangi Open Sanctuary is available by boat from Downtown Ferry Terminal. The boats leave at 9 a.m. and return to the city at 4:40 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday from mid-January to Christmas and daily from December 26 to mid-January. Adult round-trip tickets cost $ 75 New Zealand (approximately $ 54). (Discounted fees are available for children ages 5 to 15.) You can also reach the island by private boat or kayak.

The island itself is free to visit, but guided tours cost NZ $ 10 (about $ 7) per adult and NZ $ 2.50 (less than $ 2) per child. One way is to inspect property alone; a free map and track information can be found online. For extra time on the beach, arrange to sleep in an island house. The Bunkhouse space fills up quickly, so plan to book an overnight stay via the Department of Conservation website a few months in advance. A light and visitor lounge with a gift shop is also available, but remember to pack food and snacks if you want to eat on site.

8. Hobbiton Movie Set

Hobbiton movie set -

Located about 110 miles southeast of Auckland on an active sheep farm, the Hobbiton Movie Set is a must for fans of “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”. Only a set of worlds left from the films and includes homes for famous hobbit movies and The Green Dragon Inn, as well as lots of greenery.

Previous travelers have warned that while this attraction is worth a visit the property may feel congested from time to time. Some complain about the high cost of travel.

Arriving at the Hobbiton Movie Set, guests can drive or take a day trip. The on-site parking lot is free to use. The basic pilot tour costs $ 79 in New Zealand (approximately $ 57) for adults and NZ $ 39.50 (approximately $ 28.50) for children between the ages of 9 and 16. Auckland bus transfer tour starts at NZ $ 149 (about $ 107) per person. Reputable tour companies include InterCity Tours and Bush and Beach. If you are planning a trip to the nearby Waitomo Glowworm Caves, consider booking a Hobbiton Movie Set and a trip to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, which includes a round trip from Auckland, an entrance fee, and a guided tour of both attractions, and a lunch set. -Hobbiton Movie. Joint public tours are available through GreatSights New Zealand Tours, while integrated private tours are conducted by TIME Unlimited Tours. Combined travel prices start at NZ $ 357 (approximately $ 257) for adults and NZ $ 178 (approximately $ 128) per child.

Top places to visit in Auckland

9. Viaduct Harbour

For some of the best restaurants and bars in Auckland, consider visiting the port of Viaduct Harbor. The Auckland area, some likened to Sydney’s Dydling Harbor, has more than 30 watering holes and restaurants, as well as marina, New Zealand Maritime Museum, and several hotels.

Visitors recommend setting up Viaduct Harbor on a clear, sunny day when the view of the harbor can be affected by rain or fog. Tourists especially enjoy exploring luxury mariners or visiting the annual New Zealand Herald In-Port Race of Volvo Ocean Race. This race takes place every February and uses Viaduct Harbor for special racing events and facilities.

Viaduct Harbor lives on the CBD and is free to explore. To get to this place, visitors can walk, drive or take the InnerLink bus to one of the Queen Street stops. Limited parking can be found on roads near the harbor. Inside is the walking distance of the Downtown Ferry Terminal. Should you decide to take a boat trip while living in Auckland, you will be off to Viaduct Harbor.

10. Shakespear Regional Park

Shakespear regional park -

This is situated at the edge of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. Around 50km (30mi) north of Central Auckland. Shakespear Regional Park is the most visited and accessible open area in the region. With a focus on conservation and farming, the park provides insect-free habitat for endangered wildlife – to the extent that dogs and other pets are not allowed here.

Places to visit in Auckland, New zealand

11. Wildlife at Auckland Zoo

Less than 4 miles southwest of the city Auckland is one of Auckland’s wildlife attractions: Auckland Zoo.
This expanded zoo, with the largest number of rare and indigenous animals in New Zealand. It includes everything from woolly sheep to lions to brown kiwis.

Locals and tourists alike applauded the Auckland Zoo. Also to providing plenty of friendly places for people, the zoo offers plenty of room for animals to roam. Many past visitors, in fact, have praised the efforts to recognize this zoo. Families especially enjoyed the attraction, realizing that it is easy to spend the whole day here with the kids.

From September 1 to April 30, you can check out the Auckland Zoo areas daily between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. . As soon as winter sets in, the zoo closes at 5 p.m. . Remember, however, that admission stops after 4:15 pm Ticket prices start at $ 12 New Zealand (approximately $ 9) for children between 4 and 14, NZ $ 23 (approximately $ 16.50) for adults and students, and NZ $ 28 (about $ 20) for adults. Reduced rates are available for families with more than one child, and children 4 and under are free. Family passing of two children and one or two adults are also found.

Zoo tickets include free parking on-site, four restaurants, a gift shop, a KidZone farm area, and two playgrounds. Free animal encounters with Sumatran tigers, otters, rhinos, and more are also covered by entry fees. Although selected city buses are located near the zoo, none fall within the Link bus network.

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12. Rangitoto Island

Top free places to visit in auckland -

Located just off the coast of central Auckland across Devonport is Rangitoto Island, a volcanic island known for its beautiful mountain trails and panoramic views. Many trails are available for exploring the islands, including the famous Summit Track. It takes mountain climbers through muddy fields and the world’s largest pohutukawa forest to the top of the island.

Prepare for amazing vistas and climbing, but what happens when you visit the island of Rangitoto. If you don’t like hiking, travelers recommend opting for the Fullers ’Volcanic Explorer Tour. This tour includes a boat trip back to Auckland city and a four-wheeled road trip to the island.

Tourists who wish to eat on the island will have to pack their food and take out any garbage. A trip to Rangitoto Island will need a Fuller’s boat ride from the Downtown Ferry Terminal. Tickets for round-trip boats cost $ 33 in New Zealand (about $ 24) per adult and NZ $ 16.50 (about $ 12) per child. Four children and a small free ride, and reduced prices are available for boat booking tourists at 7.30 am to the island on weekends and holidays.

Tickets for the family of two adults and two children are available for NZ $ 89 ($ 64). In the meantime, travelers opting for the Volcanic Explorer Tour will pay NZ $ 34 to NZ $ 68 (or $ 24.50 to $ 49) per person. The last ferry leaves the island at 3:30 p.m. during the day and at 5 p.m. on weekends and holidays; only tourists who book one of the two-holiday rentals with Bo Bookabach can stay on the island in the evening.

Nice places to visit in Auckland

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