Top Free Things to do in Adelaide – Things to do in Adelaide

Do you find yourself in Adelaide with limited resources? Don’t worry – there’s a lot you can see and do here that won’t cost you a penny. In fact, the city’s free donations make a dreadful introduction to local life and the surrounding areas. Not to mention the pleasant weather – the locals like to call it the ‘Mediterranean’ – that too comes free too. Here are the top free things to do in Adelaide.

From spectacular views and seaside days to guided tours and incredible art collections, the city has so much to offer in exchange for your time and energy!

Free activities in Adelaide

Appreciate natural beauty at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Located in the heart of Adelaide, Adelaide Botanic Gardens has 50 acres of beautiful gardens to explore.

Guided tours are available daily at 10.30am or you can opt for guided tours along the route or with the help of audio tours downloaded to your phone. Palm House is a well-restored glass imported from Germany in 1875. The museum is open to the public with a collection of plants from Madagascar.

Inside the gardens, there are several dining options. You can enjoy a cup of coffee, a meal, or a good meal with the Botanic Gardens Restaurant, Garden’s Kiosk, and Café Fibonacci.

Gray foxes can be seen all over the Botanic Park, so keep your eyes peeled. You will see many birds and tortoises living in the gardens.

Visit Belair National Park

free activities in adelaide

You can ride a bike or horse through a park or try your hand at guiding or teaching geocaching. There are tennis courts, ovals, picnic picnics, and barbecue areas for your family and friends. If you wish to book places there will be a small fee.

The adventure playground is a popular place for kids and to explore waterfalls, rivers, and forests. Wildlife abounds in the park with kangaroos, emus, echidna’s, and many native birds. We often see koalas as we walk past Belair and if you look up at the tree you will have the misfortune of not seeing at least one as you walk through the park.

Near the National Park, you will find the Belair National Park Caravan Park which offers options and accommodation. Getting on foot or by bike is free.

Free things to do in Adelaide at night

Glenelg – Australia’s Most Popular Beach

For a fun budget experience, ride a tram to Glenelg – home to Adelaide’s most famous beach, ‘The Bay’ – and spray the sea. In fact, Adelaide has an excellent network of golden sand beaches. Beaches facing the Gulf St Vincent can fly under the radar because, unlike those in Sydney, Byron Bay, and the Gold Coast, there is no surf.

Interestingly, however, the west coast catches the sun, setting the stage for refreshing evening snacks on the sand. Glenelg also has a long pier – perfect for evening visits before or after the aforementioned drink.

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Chill on the shore of Sea

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Adelaide is home to many beautiful coastal areas. And the best part is, you can water the sea without wasting money. Take a dip in Glenelg Beach, one of Adelaide’s most popular beaches. On the beach of the big city, there is a multi-style store, cafes, and supermarkets. Glenelg is simply a simple tram ride or bus ride from the Adelaide CBD, and the trip usually takes half an hour.

Preparing for some exercise? Take a coastal trip from Glenelg to Brighton, a now-defunct coastal town near Seacliff. Brighton is a very popular rowing and paddling area and is usually much more crowded than Glenelg.

Free Things to do in Adelaide

Taste new things at Adelaide Central Market

If you are worried about food, you can not miss the famous Adelaide Central Market. It is one of the largest markets for new hidden products in the south of the country. The colorful market is full of retailers who sell a brand new local product in an amazing way.

You will find lots of fruits, vegetables, and vegan foods, as well as gourmet meat and baked goods. Many retailers also offer free samples and taste tests for their products, such as art cheese or bread, so beware of those.

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Explore Books in State Library of South Australia

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The State Library of South Australia is a beautiful combination of old and new. The Spence Wing library door is extraordinarily modern and connects to the ancient Institute Building. The Mortlock Wing, French Renaissance-style buildings designed in the 1880s. Not only does the library look amazing, but it is also a quiet place to sit and read. It offers free Wi-Fi, reading locations, history shows, and lots of books.

Adelaide things to do family

Get into Rundle Mall

Although going to a mall often involves using something, checking this Adelaide icon is certainly not necessary. Rundle Mall is not only Adelaide’s first shopping mall but also one of Australia’s largest shopping malls.

If you are following the shopping area, Rundle Mall is the place to go. There are fashion, beauty, lifestyle, sports, and food stores, including four stores, 15 streets, and more than 700 stores. Therefore, you will have no problem finding what you need.

Also, be sure to stop by to take a photo with Oliver, Truffles, Augusta, and Horatio of Rundle Mall, four pictures of the brass pigs that are part of the art, ‘A Day Out’.

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Go through Linear Park Trail

Linear park trail

Located north of downtown, St Kilda Adventure Playground is a must! There is a big pirate boat on the water’s edge where children can play by hitting the water on their feet. Climbing forts, swings, slides and a large flying fox will keep kids busy for hours. Pack a picnic or have a kiosk near food and drink. The playground is located next to the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary, so when the children are busy you can wander along the trail to see the thousands of migratory seabirds regularly arriving in the area.

With a large wooden castle, tunnels, and bridge. Children will be able to play and explore the content in their hearts. Next to the forte, you will find sandpits, water pump play, slides, and a climbing net. With basement tables, BBQs, and nearby toilets, you can stay for a day.

Free things to do in Adelaide this weekend

Get Positive vibes at Himeji Garden

Adelaide Himeji Garden is a traditional Japanese garden located on the southern side of Adelaide City (a walk of 10-15 meters from the city center).

Explore two gardens, ‘enzenzui’ which is a lake and a mountain garden, and ‘kare senzui’ which is a dry field. Enjoy a picnic in one of the gardens or simply find a sunny spot to use in the afternoon.

Dive into history at South Australian Museum

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Last but not least, the South Australian Museum is located near the Botanic Gardens in the North Terrace. Admission is free and testing some of their shows such as ‘David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef Dive’ and ‘Inspiring Women in Science’.

The daily guided tour starts at 11 a.m.

Free things to do in Adelaide today

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