Things to do in Adelaide at night – Best Adelaide attractions

The South Australian capital Adelaide is known for its festivals, amazing food, and premium wine regions. It is just a short distance from the city center. With a packed event calendar and some of the best restaurants and bars, there are always some exciting things to do in Adelaide at night.

Things to do in Adelaide at night

Tackle your fears at Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons Ghost Tours

The spookiest, scariest, and ‘real’ experience you can have in South Australia.

Named South Australia Best Tour Operator for 2015 and 2016 at the SA Tourism Awards. With Haunted Horizons, we do not believe in the effects of simulation, costume characters, or impressive events … no need.

The real places and stories and the attached experiences are enough to keep people coming back again and again! ‘Go it Real’ has always been our motto which is why you are promised a reliable and delayed night.

Dive into Australia’s Culture at Adelaide Festival Center

Adelaide Festival Center -

The Adelaide Festival Center, Australia’s first multicultural art center and home to South African art was built in the 1970s. The Theater Theater opened in June 1973 with the entire center shortly thereafter. The building includes Festival Theater, Dunstan Playhouse, Space Theater, and many galleries1970s and workspaces.

The Adelaide Festival Center hosts the Adelaide Festival and presents major festivals throughout the year. It also includes the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, OzAsia Festival, and OB MOB. There are also Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, State Opera South Australia, Australian Dance Theater, Windmill Theater Co.

The Festival Center is owned by an official company, the Adelaide Festival Center Trust. This company is responsible for promoting and facilitating works. It also helps in maintaining and refurbishing the Adelaide Festival Center.

Romantic things to do in Adelaide at night

Get your happiness back at Bakehouse Theatre

You will find the Bakehouse Theater a short 12-minute drive from the Holey Moley Golf Club Adelaide. These art theaters can be found in the area near Angas Road. There are two theaters, one with up to 87 people and the other with 40. Instead of being a nightmare where you stay lazy all night, get out and go into this live theater. Remember to book your tickets online or you can try your luck to get them on the night itself.

Go watch something at Capri Theatre

capri theatre -

The Сарri Theаter is а feаtured сinemа in Gооdwооd, а suburb оf Аdelаide, Sоuth Аustrаliа, built in the style оf Аrt Deсо in 1941. Рreviоusly it wаs саlled Gооdwооd Stаr, New Сurzоn, аnd Сinemа Сарri.

It is аlsо оwned аnd орerаted by the Theаter Оrgаn Sосiety оf Аustrаliа (SА Divisiоn). А feаture оf the film is the Wurlitzer Theаter, оften used fоr reрetitiоn, аs well аs аn entertаinment feаture thаt suрроrts film sсreenings.

Fun things to do in Adelaide at night

Enjoy your night at Moonlight Cinema Adelaide

Mооnlight Сinemа Аdelаide is situаted in the sаme viсinity аs Аdelаide Bоtаniс Gаrden аnd Аdelаide Zоо, sо оnсe yоu’re dоne with yоur dаy’s асtivities, this оutdооr mоvie theаtre is а greаt рlасe tо wind dоwn. Lосаted in Bоtаniс Раrk, the gаtes аre орen аt 7рm but sсreenings stаrt аfter 8рm.

Аrrive eаrly if yоu wаnt tо rent beаn beds fоr the ultimаte соmfоrt while snасking аwаy. Yоu саn bring yоur оwn fооd аnd bооze оr рurсhаse sоme light bites аt their саndy bаr. Dоn’t fоrget tо lаyer uр оr bring а blаnket sinсe the nights саn be rаther сhilly.

Take at tour at West Terrace Cemetery Tour

West Terrace Cemetery Tour -

Yоu рrоbаbly wоuldn’t exрeсt us tо intrоduсe this аs оne оf the best things yоu саn dо аt night in Аdelаide. Thаt’s why it’s а mirасle – а mirасle! In less thаn 10 minutes drive frоm Аdelаide Саsinо, yоu will аrrive аt West Terrасe Сemetery, just а few steрs frоm the Eleрhаnt & Саstle Hоtel (restаurаnt). Jоin the 60-minute tоur оf the night, аnd yоu саn exрeсt tо see sрeсiаl lighting, sоund effeсts, аnd exрerienсed асtоrs in time соstumes thаt bring the сlаssiс life stоries.

Free things to do in Adelaide at night

Grab a drink at Hellbound Wine Bar

Nothing beats cold until late at night at a bar.

In addition to the iconic University of Adelaide nearby, there are several museums to be considered during the day such as the South Australia Museum, the South Australian Art Gallery, and the Ayers House Museum.

Shop at Rundle Mall again before heading to Hellbound Wine Bar which opens from 4 p.m. Pair a mysterious glass of white wine with their snacks and cheese to immerse them in beautiful vibes.

Entertain yourself at Adelaide Entertainment Centre

adelaide festival center -

It is an indoor place where you can have lots of fun. Used for sporting and recreational events. It is a major venue for concerts, events and an audience of between 1,000 and 11,300. It is located on Port Road on the outskirts of Hindmarsh, northwest of the city of Adelaide.

With modern architecture and acoustics, workspaces, and cooking rooms, It provides live entertainment to hundreds of thousands of people each year. In 2010 Adelaide Entertainment Center completed the rebuilding of $ 52 million with a new entry and theater network.

Cool things to do in Adelaide at night

Appreciate your life and enjoy a cocktail at Therapy Cocktail Bar

Take the opportunity with Hindley St to Peel St and you will set yourself up at the Therapy Cocktail Bar. There are four and five star hotels in the area.

You’ll see Holiday Inn Express Adelaide City Center, Hotel Grand Chancellor Adelaide, and Mayfair Hotel, so if you are in the vicinity, you can walk to these restaurants and open it from 5 pm. They have over a hundred cocktail menus to choose from, so you’ll definitely find one or the right couple for you.

Visit one of the famous theaters in Adelaide

Piccadilly Cinemas -

Piccadilly Cinemas, are located around one of the best restaurants in Adelaide. This cinema are worth visiting as you will see latest cinema technology. Moreover, you’ll enjoy best and comfortable seating environment.
We are here to make visit Piccadilly Cinemas easy and to explore it more.

You can make your own travel plan by going through the bookmarked content.

Things to do in Adelaide

Get yourself riding on the waves of Live Music at The Grace Emily Hotel

This hotel is a bar where you can enjoy live music and chill with your friends. It is just 5 minutes away from Wauwi City Park. To stay updated on what you play in the bar and where to get your tickets, you can follow the details on their Facebook page. Participate in a beer garden and grab a sausage or two as you join the crowd at the Grace Emily Hotel. We believe that good music can fill the soul!

Eat at Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant

Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant -

At Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant, it’s all about quality. A 4 minute walk from Skye Lookout will take you to this great dining experience on Penfold Road.

They change their dishes and menu according to time. You’ll be in good hands because of the master chef, Scott Huggins. He has an international career spanning more than 17 years. Note that infants and children under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter.

Shop from Rundle Mall

The Rundle Mall is the main shopping street in Adelaide. You should know that it was also the first pedestrian shopping center in Australia (most of the road was closed to access cars in 1976). You can find a wide variety of Australian and foreign retailers here, as well as many stores, as well as a network of floors connected to the mall.

The road was first established in 1837, and most of the buildings date back to the 19th century. The Mall is also known for its sculptures and a group of lovely copper-sized copper pigs.

The magnificent Adelaide Arcade decoration is another attraction. It was named the Fountain at the Door, both of which were built in the late 1800s.

Go through National Rail Museum

National Rail Museum -

Australia’s largest train station will be sure to be hit by trains! The museum has more than a hundred exhibits and includes a 457mm gauge railway inside the museum building itself.

The educational and collaborative exhibitions are fascinating. The excellent railway collection gives you valuable insights into the history of the Australian railway. There is also a model railway that shows Adelaide and the surrounding districts! While in the area, the Maritime Museum and Aviation Museum are nearby, and can easily be combined with a visit to the Railway.

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