Things to do in Melbourne at night – Top 16 Attractions

Melbourne is a beautiful place to explore during the day, but once the sun goes down, the city becomes happening. Of the many things to do in Melbourne, those that happen at night are the most exciting. There are hip and hidden bars to explore. Bundles of restaurants for every cuisine you can think of to eat at. There are many other delicious things to do in Melbourne at night, from kayaks at night on the river to overnight sleep at the zoo.

Some people say that Melbourne is the most Australian city in Europe and indeed, the capital of Victoria is sophisticated and stylish. Its hidden paths and highways are lined with shops, bars, restaurants, and more on the cultural calendar.

Even wandering around the city has its rewards, as Melbourne is completely deceptive at night. You do not need to limit yourself to the city CBD (Central Business Center), now as the transam network traffic hours are extended. Here are a few things that will happen in Melbourne tonight, to see the city from a different perspective.

Things to do in Melbourne at night for free

1. Enjoy the view from Eureka Skydeck

Looking for something amazing to do on Saturday night? No worries, we have a Eureka Skydeck on our things to do in Melbourne on Saturday night. Let’s see what Eureka Skydeck has to offer you.
Therefore, the Eureka Skydeck is located at Eureka Tower (Southbank, Melbourne) a few minutes from the center of Melbourne. The tower is about 1,000 feet [300 m] high and is one of the tallest buildings in Australia.

The Eureka Skydeck is on the 88th floor which can be accessed in 40 seconds per lift. It offers a magnificent view of Melbourne and the brave can enter ‘The Edge’. It contains a glass window with a 360-degree view of the Melbourne sky.

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Skydeck is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. It is very popular among couples and families.

2. Chill at Icebar in Melbourne

Cool things to do in Melbourne at night -

Spend your evening in the coldest part of Australia – literally!

Australia’s sub-zero bar, This bar keeps things cool and freezes everything at a constant temperature of 10 degrees celsius. or below

When you arrive, you will be given comfortable outdoor gear to prepare for the cold weather at the bar.

In total, more than 30 tons of ice was used on the bar.

Cool things to do in Melbourne at night

3. Deep dive into Culture in National Gallery of Victoria

The gallery hosts fun Friday night events with live music, DJs and drinks. That night usually lasts summer.

Admission to the National Gallery is free, but you will need to book tickets in advance if you want to attend the Friday night event.

All tickets can be booked online and you will find details about the theme of the event. We recommend exploring the theme as only some sections can be opened during the late night opening.

If you are not able to attend Friday night’s event, we recommend that you visit the National Gallery during the day. The Victoria National Museum was founded in 1861 and is the oldest art museum in Australia. It has one of the largest art collections in the world.

Even if you are not a fan of art, you can still enjoy the showroom with its special gigs.

You can wear shoes like these that are comfortable and worn overnight at the museum.

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4. Experience fear at Old Melbourne gaol

Things to do in Melbourne at night time -

Melbourne Gaol closes at 5 pm each day but opens its doors to anyone who enters enough to join the ghost tours at night.

There are three tours on offer, including A Night in the House, which allows you to take an hour-long tour of the first block cell.

You can spend an hour hunting for a ghost in all the gaol. Moreover, you can go on a night out with Hangman, who can tell you many stories about those who were hanged on the gaol.

If ghosts are your thing, there is a list of other spooky trips you can do near Melbourne for the night.

It will allow you to get acquainted with many of Melbourne’s streets, trails, and outdoor edges while learning a little about its little history.

A visit to the city’s CBD, the unused Pentridge Prison north of Melbourne, the old port city of Williamstown, and the haunted city west of Altona.

Things to do in Melbourne at night time

5. Shop something from Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is the most famous market in Melbourne. In the summer on Wednesday, the market has a popular summer night market among tourists and locals.

This market offers about 60 dining tables. It also offers over a hundred shopping malls, live music, and other entertainment such as various sports. The market is not only good for shopping but also for fun with the local people while playing various games.

Even if you are not interested in meeting local people, we recommend you visit this midweek market for the best street food in Melbourne.

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6. Have a fun night at Crown Melbourne

Fun things to do in Melbourne at night

It was first established on the north bank of the Yarra River in 1994. Later relocated to the south bank of the Yarra River in 1997.

Crown Melbourne is a large integrated and occupied major casino in Australia. Finished with award-winning restaurants and world-class shopping and entertainment venues. It is also referred to as an important tourist driver in Australia, especially in Victoria.

There are many games you can play here. Call the lady with the thrill of games like popular Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, nineteenth-century Baccarat, classic Roulette, and Lucky Big Wheel.

Fun things to do in Melbourne at night

7. Get a ticket to a movie in an outdoor cinema

Melbourne is a city of film lovers and in the warmer months, outdoor cinemas are everywhere around the city.

The most popular is the Moonlight Cinema at the Royal Botanic Gardens, showcasing a new range of old favorites.

There are bean beds on offer, or you can bring your own dress and picnic.

The Rooftop Bar mentioned above is also the site of the Rooftop Cinema, where you can get burgers and have a drink while watching the latest flick.

There is South Wharf Pop-Up Cinema and Park Cinema in Docklands.

At the Gourmet Cinema east of the city, you can watch a flick surrounded by food trucks from local restaurants, selling delicious treats.

Melbourne’s famous stadium, MCG also opens its own occasional outdoor theater. There are plenty of pastures around the city that will block the road every few weeks, lay down astroturf, explode some popcorn and throw in, like a fun activity.

Keep in mind that just because it’s summer in Melbourne doesn’t mean it’s going to be warm. Be sure to check the local weather forecast and bring some layers in when it will be a cool night.

8. Appreciate the nightlife by booking an Overnight Safari

If you want to make your day at Werribee Zoo west of Melbourne memorable, consider booking a place at Slumber Safari.

You will be housed in a tent dormitory, fed an African-inspired dinner and breakfast, and receive a two-day visit to the zoo.

This agreement comes with independent tours and unique animal encounters and viewing opportunities.

Victoria is the smallest country in Australia and one of the advantages here is that it is small.

In a country as wide as Australia, with open spaces, it is rare to walk for days without seeing another soul.

So being a small province has obvious benefits for travelers who want to explore different regions.

You can travel from the city to the desert in less than an hour, from the city to Phillip Island. Here you can catch up with little penguins.

As you can see, there are a variety of things to do in Melbourne at night, whatever your travel style, budget, or preference.

Romantic things to do in Melbourne at night

9. Be a panda and enjoy Melbourne’s famous Dumplings

The cooking vibe in Melbourne is as different as its citizens.

Asian food is very popular in the city, so if you like dumplings, come to the right place!

Melbourne has tours of all kinds of foodies.

When it comes to dumplings, there is a city tour that takes you to all the best garbage dumps.

Or there is a garbage can where you will learn how to make fun from scratch with the help of a local instructor.

Whatever you choose, you can bet the results will be fun!

10. Capture nightlife with Night photography sessions

nightlife melbourne - things to do in melbourne at night

Melbourne is one of the largest cities in Australia, which means you can bet it has a thriving photo booth.

This night photography trip puts you behind the camera.

You will learn how to use your leading digital camera in handmade modes and key builds.

In the meantime, a paid photographer will guide you around town, taking you to the most beautiful photography sites in Melbourne.

This tour offers a unique opportunity to learn a new skill while traveling and get amazing pictures in it!

Best things to do in Melbourne at night

11. Get your tears of joy at the Comic’s Lounge Comedy Show

One of the best Melbourne nightclubs you might want to try is to laugh at your heart’s content at The Comic’s Lounge.

Have a laugh at the comedy starring comedy stars from around Australia and around the world. You’ll see comedians like Dave Hughes, Carl Barron, and Kitty Flanagan at the biggest comedy club. This show is six nights a week.

Get your dose of stress relief as entertained by professional comedians with a standard ticket price of 16 USD.

12. Go Upside down on Star Observation Wheel

Free things to do in Melbourne at night

Treat yourself to a spectacular view of the city on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel.

This all-weather weather wheel is one of the attractions in Melbourne.

During a good trip, you will be able to see Port Philip Bay, the Yarra River, Etihad Stadium, and Flemington Racecourse.

Keep looking from a distance and you will also be able to see the Dandenong Ranges from a distance.

Night is a great time to travel because of the millions of colorful LED lights that illuminate the tire.

Prepare to climb 400 meters in the air on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel!

Free things to do in Melbourne at night

13. Soak your feet in the water and enjoy the sunset at the beach

The nearest beach in the center of Melbourne city is St Kilda Sea which is 6 km from the center and can be easily reached by Melbourne tram. We recommend being on the beach around sunset as it is a great experience.

There is a beautiful St. Louis parrot. Kilda offers great travel, great ice cream shops, and great restaurants. However, you can always walk on the sand along the beach.

When you go with your friends or family, bring a ball and enjoy a night of relaxing at the beach. Take a dress like this to avoid the Melbourne flu.

When the sun goes down, you can visit Luna Park, a large park just a few minutes from the beach. You will find children’s playgrounds, fine tracks and badminton courts there. Enjoy a relaxing walk before returning to your place of residence.

14. Checkout Street art in the Laneways of the City

Top 10 things to do in Melbourne at night -
EX6CWP Graffiti in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia

The city center of Melbourne is famous for its streets full of fine restaurants and cafes, bars. These streets offer many Melbourne nightclubs to keep you going for hours. These trails are often adorned with an amazing display of street art in Melbourne and one of the fun things to do in Melbourne at night is to explore the streets to find the most beautiful murals.

The artwork takes on a different dimension when it gets dark. A word of warning. While these trails are interesting to explore in Melbourne at night, I do not wander down any of the more terrifying ones – safety is most important!

Top 10 things to do in Melbourne at night

15. Have your dinner on a Cruise

Discover one of the best fun three-hour dinner options inside The Spirit of Melbourne Cruising Restaurant.
This beautiful restaurant operates only on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Enjoy a 4-course meal as the floating restaurant runs its way through the calm waters of the Yarra River.

You can view the sky of Melbourne City at night from the wide viewing windows from the comfort of your dining table or outside the viewing deck.

16. Get your shot at the Strike

strike bowling -

Those traveling with friends can enjoy a fun-filled tour of the Strike and find a bowl of opportunity in their top bowling alley. Moreover, a karaoke set is there with songs updated to tie in case your intentions are bad.
Located in the 3rd flood of Melbourne Central. It also offers laser tag and escape rooms for teams to try new things every hour. This has been a bit of a place for many local youths in Melbourne.

In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, they also use fully-equipped bars and kitchens, offering you a variety of snacks and snacks to order for $ 15 per head.

Things to do in Melbourne at night with kids

Above are some of the most interesting and adventurous activities to do in Melbourne at night. If you find this article helpful and informational, don’t forget to share it with your friends and visit our homepage: Places you should visit

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