Things to do in Melbourne today

Melbourne is an exciting place to visit and is full of adventurous things but when we are on a tour, we often forget about the things we thought to do. So we’ve got your back here in this article we bookmarked Things to do in Melbourne today to make this trip one of the best trips of your life. In this article we are going to show you the best things that you can do in Melbourne, doesn’t matter you are with your family, friends or your better half.

Free things to do in Melbourne today

1. Hellenic Museum

This museum is based on Hellenic Culture’s history. Hellenic Museum was established in 2007 and its main objective is to inspire the world about Hellenic Culture. This museum is one of the most famous places in Melbourne and should be on the bucket list that you must visit in Melbourne. You’ll see different clubs here, workshops and their best food. They also organize events very often such as Lectures on Greek history and many more. Not only this you can also visit their marketplace and shop for goods, they have all the categories such as For men, women, kids, books, jewelry, and much more.

2. Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market -

As the name suggests this is one of the most famous marketplaces in Australia. You can also visit and shop online in this market. This market was opened in 1878 and is working day and night for more than 140 years. Moreover, this market was on the National Heritage List of Australia. You can visit this marketplace on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Furthermore, this market is most busy on weekends as tourists from different places come and enjoy here. They are super nature friendly, you get options where you can shop without using plastic bags such as hiring a trolley and Pick-A-Box. Queen Victoria Market also has more than four worm farms where they get waste food and transform it into highly nutritious fertilizers.

Things to do in Melbourne today with kids

3. Royal Botanic Gardens

Just like Queen Victoria Market, this is also an old place serving for more than 170 years. Their main aim is that people should understand the importance and value of plants. Here you can see almost every species of plants and not only that each and every plant is in a healthy condition which gives a really positive vibe whenever we visit these gardens. They have electric scooters that visitors can hire and view the best garden of their life. If you are not comfortable with electric scooters they also have vans and in that, you also get live commentary and great views. After a stunning view of the garden, you can enjoy Moonlight cinema, this is an open-air cinema and if you are feeling hungry or thirsty you can visit Caf├ęs too such as Jardin Tan and The terrace. They also offer Sonica Botanica which helps you to hear different stories of Royal Botanic Gardens. By the same token, you can ask for a Free Guided walk in which experts here help you explore the Garden more deeply.

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4. Hosier Lane

things to do in melbourne for free

Hosier Lane is a street art gallery where you can take a self-guided tour and appreciate the creativity of the artists that made this graffiti. This is a busy lane where you will watch thousands and thousands of people walking. You won’t see this street empty whether it’s a day or night. After looking at all the graphics you can have some rest and refresh yourself with drinks in Bar Tini.

Fun things to do in Melbourne today

5. City Circle Tram

This Tram is the best way to view the major attractions in Melbourne with live commentary that helps you understand and see landmarks better. You can enjoy these trams every day without any day off. These trams are one of the best ways to view landmarks and attractions in Melbourne city. You can choose options according to your destination.

6. St Kilda Beach

things to do in melbourne today with kids

This beach is 6Kms away from Melbourne city but if you are going on this beach, we assure you that this will be worth every minute you spend while going there. Kilda Beach is the most famous Melbourne’s beach. On this beach, you can also enjoy different water-sports such as Sailing, Waterskiing, Windsurfing, and rollerblading. This beach is also famous for its food. You can see many Bars and Cafes nearby. In the coming years, you will see a skating park near this beach. Moreover, individuals also go cycling here as tracks are also here.

Things to do in Melbourne today free

7. Visit Gourmet Kids

This is the best place if you are traveling with kids, Gourmet kids was started in 2000 and is a place where your child can get inspired and get themselves in cooking. Here they organize cooking parties that involve kids make their own food and enjoy it. They can cook anything here and are independent. Younger children are given assistance and workers here encourage them to make food. We can conclude that kids here enjoy a lot as they also see their agemates cooking with them too.

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8. Rayners Orchard

things to do in melbourne today

You will see here more than 400 varieties of fruits. This orchard was started in the year 1977, they also provide orchard tours. In your ride, you will get an expert guide that will explain to you all about this orchard. samples will also be given that you can taste. Moreover, you can pick your own fruits while you travel and you can take those home. You can also ask for a Tractor tour here that costs near about 30$ for an adult. They also organize children’s parties and much more. If you are visiting Melbourne don’t forget to visit Rayners Orchard.

Things to do in Melbourne today for free

9. Disney+ Openair Cinema

They organize different movies every month, Openair Cinemas are in different locations such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Goldcoast. You can watch your favorite movies while sitting in your car. Audio is transmitted through FM signals that you can easily hear in your car. Tickets are for 45$ per car and you can also purchase snacks here.

10. Picnic at Carlton Gardens

fun things to do in melbourne today

This is a famous picnic spot and barbecue area. This is the best thing that you can do in Melbourne without paying a penny. This garden is fully enriched with flowers and plants. Carlton Gardens are the best place to relax and chill with your family and friends. The ambiance here is just super relaxing. You can enjoy your favorite food while relaxing and talking with your family and friends, what else we need. Not only this, Carlton Gardens are famous for three fountains named Exhibition Fountain, the French Fountain, and Westgarth drinking fountain.

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