Best things to do in Perth today

We all love beaches, sunsets, and low pollution, food, and that is the reason why people visit Perth. Perth is the capital of Western Australia not only that it is only known for its food. People enjoy relaxed vibes here in Perth and we are here to help you out to find the best things to do in Perth today without missing anything on your tour, it doesn’t matter if you are with your family or friends. We’ve made a list of places and things to do that will help you explore Perth better. Here in Perth, you’ll also see many museums and places where you’ll get a feel of its culture and how it used to be.

So, without any further delay let’s look into things we recommend to do in Perth

Free things to do in Perth today

1. Enjoy the vibes along The Swan River

It is one of the most important places in Australia and it shows its pure culture. The Swan River is enriched with natural beauty and deep spiritual things. If you are visiting Perth and are a nature lover this place is the most important. You will feel a different peace here, that you can’t match even if you travel to every place on earth. This place is totally free and on the number one in the list of free things to do in Perth. You can also walk along the river to enjoy it more or you can hire a bicycle.

2. Seek art at the Botanicalia Cafe & Gallery Shop

Botanicalia Cafe -

This place is full of surprises, In the Botanicalia Cafe & Gallery Shop you’ll see different artworks from different artists all around the world and to explore it more you can order your favorite food too. They offer different exhibitions every now and then. In summers they organize a summer show and people from different corners come and enjoy the beautiful art.

Fun things to do in Perth today

3. Visit the Caversham Wildlife Park

This park is owned by a family and was started in 1988. At first, there was a small number of birds and animals and as days passed away the Park turned bigger and bigger. Now there are more than 200 species of animals and birds. Moreover, they are taking care of everything so well that this park is also on the list of main attractions in Perth. You’ll see guided tours, photographs by experts, and much more. If you are planning to visit this wildlife park, let me excite you more about this. You can watch the Farm Show that is organized daily, meet kangaroos, see the super cute Koalas, and a lot more fun packed for you. One of my favorites is penguin feeding and watch Koalas from close.

4. Take our your dog at Trigg Dog Beach

Things to do in perth free

There is no doubt that there are many pet-friendly parks in Perth but you can also visit Trigg Dog Beach which allows pets. You can really enjoy your time with pets and they will enjoy it too. This beach is filled with beautiful waves, rocks, and cute puppies going and roaming here and there. If you love sunsets then this is a place where you should visit. There are many beaches if you feel like your pet isn’t that good at swimming or at landing through the waves. You won’t regret coming here and exploring Perth. Furthermore, this beach is opened 24 hours which is a plus point. Summing this up, this place is really neat and is full of joy. Without any dilemma, you should visit this beach.

Things to do in Perth today with kids

5. Stargazing at The Pinnacles Desert

You shouldn’t miss this opportunity, the view and scenery of The Pinnacles Desert are one of the main reasons for the huge number of visitors in Perth every year. Sunset here feels magical and after that stars here are just unbelievable. People also hire guides here, not only this desert is about the view but also the history. The Pinnacles Desert is strongly connected to the culture of Australia. If you are with kids then this can be a lifetime opportunity for them to look into the sky and look into the magical world.

6. Explore Science at SciTech

SciTech - things to do in perth with kids

SciTech is a place where you will not get bored even if you stay here for a month or so. They offer different things every day and trust us, the shows they offer are over the moon. This place is a must when you are visiting Perth as Kids will get bundles of knowledge here. You can also hire guides and experts who can give you a tour of this place deeply. They also organize different events and even kids can participate in them. Doesn’t matter if you are 13 years old or 30 years old, you will learn something new from SciTech.

Cheap things to do in Perth today

7. Appreciate the beauty of Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Kings park is one of the largest gardens in the world and is filled with flowers, this park holds more than 3000 unique species and this Park also helps an individual to learn more about flora and how this helps nature. There are sections for different age groups and different workshops. You can also ask for an expert to tell more about the species and about this park.

8. Scenery up from The Bell Tower

Bell Tower - fun things to do in perth free

This tower consists of 18 bells hanging and is a major attraction for Australia, this was built in 1999 and is one of the largest instruments on earth. Visitors here can also view different art studios in here and enjoy their favorite foods, visual screens are implemented here, which telecasts camera that are focused on the bells. This is a historical place to visit and you will enjoy this place a lot. If you are visiting Perth, add this to your bucket-list.

Things to do in Perth today free

9. Penguin Island

This island is one of the favorite destinations for travelers, this island is one of the most beautiful and is blessed with crystal clear water. You can ask for a ferry ride which can help you meet the world’s smallest and cute penguins. People here can also see wild dolphins which are super friendly and they are as pleased and happy as we are when we see them. There are different tours here which you can check on Penguin Island’s website and trust us these tours are worth every penny and if you feel hungry, no worries they got your back. You can visit Penguin Island’s cafe.

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10. Engage with animals at the Perth Zoo

Koala at perth zoo

Perth Zoo is the best place if you want to plan your day with animals and you will see each and every species here at the Perth Zoo. They organize different programs for kids and adults too. People also arrange birthday parties here and moreover, it is suggested to bring your own food here. You can touch and closely see different animals such as Rhinoceros, Bush Buddies, Penguins, Red Panda and many more. This zoo is not only a zoo plus it is a perfect picnic spot.

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11. Activities at the Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay is full of activities as you can do Bowling here at Jurien’s Bowling Club, Fishing at Jurien’s Fishing Club and Moreover, its calm and beautiful beaches give another pleasure. Here comes the most adventurous part, skydiving is also available here. You can taste one of the tastiest and mouth-watering foods of Australia here at Family Affair CafĂ©. Jurien’s beach is filled with activities that you won’t forget in your entire lifetime, the ambiance here is so soothing. People from different corners of the world visit Jurien’s Bay to spice up their lives.

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Summing up, Perth is one of the most beautiful and calm places to visit. We often forget to do things that we plan to. So, above are some of the best things that you should do whenever you visit Perth. If you like this article don’t forget to share and visit our Homepage – Places you should visit

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