Things to do in Sydney today

Sydney, Australia’s largest city with the most number of visitors in entire Australia is growing at a mind-blowing pace. Sydney is not only a city but it is full of emotions and people all around the world. People come here from different corners of the world. Moreover, Sydney’s opera houses and nightlife make it more famous. Sydney’s beaches, Harbour bridge, Steam train, Bondi Beach, and best restaurants make it worth visiting every time, and each time there is something new to experience in Sydney. Here in this article, we’ve bookmarked some of the best things to do in Sydney today.

Things to do in Sydney this weekend

1. Free Walking Tour

Sydney is one of the favorite places for visitors to explore new things every time and with Free walking tour you can get the best view of Sydney. This idea was discovered in Europe and all the way through now this organization is all around the world. Here, you will meet experts that will help you to understand the history and place properly. What you’ll get in this is as follows

  1. Art Galleries
  2. Beaches
  3. Comedy
  4. History
  5. Restaurants
  6. Sport
  7. Architecture
  8. Cafe’s & Bunch
  9. Live Music
  10. Shopping
  11. Theatre
  12. Nightlife

and much more. Before coming here to Sydney you can ask this organization and they will help you plan your best tour ever.

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2. Buy something from Paddy’s Markets

Paddy's Markets -

Paddy’s market is one of the best places for Sydney’s residents to visit and enjoy their time. This is not popular as other Sydney attractions but here you will see Markets full of foreigners and natives. It became famous after the 1950s when the government allowed this market to open till 10 PM on Saturdays and later it became the favorite place for people to enjoy and shop for their favorite things. No doubt this is a famous place but when we talk about weekends you will see a different charm in here. When people get free time they hang out here and this is a place where you can enjoy your time irrespective of your age.

You can also read more about its history Here.

Paddy’s Markets are one of the most enjoyable places in all over Australia and you can visit this even if you are with your kids and friends.

Free things to do in Sydney today

3. Experience peace at Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

This is the best way to explore Sydney if you are a peace-loving person and want to enjoy the more natural beauty. This was established in 1816 and later became popular because of the wide species of plants here. You can experience many things here with their guided walks which means you can explore their heritage and species of plants more deeply. From April to May 2021 there is a Garden Art Month where an individual will be able to see many things such as history and workshops. Moreover, you can shop for your favorite plant here which means you can take them home. There are many modes of transportation by which you can visit the Royal Botanic Gardens such as by Walking, Trains, Personal Vehicle, Bus, and Ferry also. In the Royal Botanic Gardens, opening hours are listed on their website that you should check before planning your visit here.

4. Get tanned at Bondi Beach

free things to do in Sydney today

This is the most famous beach in Sydney, you can visit Bondi Beach whenever you want and you can see this beach filled with people. This beach is just 30 mins away from Town Hall Station. When you are at the Bondi Beach you can enjoy surfing and many more water sport activities. Here you can also walk through Sydney’s popular Bondi to Coogee trail. If you are a foodie you can visit Bondi Beach’s best restaurants and get the answer to your question, why is this beach so famous. Before coming here, add this to your list of things to do in Sydney today.

Things to do in Sydney with kids today

5. Enjoy view and food at Circular Quay

Circular Quay area is famous for malls, restuarants, walking trails and it is also known as Gateway to Sydney. Because it hosts number of transportation modes such as ferry, bus stops and railway stations too. This lies between the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House which makes it more popular. You can enjoy your food in this area as it is known for its famous and scrumptious food. This part is one of the oldest and most famous of Sydney. People from all around the globe and explore this beautiful Circular Quay area.

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6. Spend time at Luna Park

Luna Park -

This is one of the best places in Sydney to visit when you are with kids and families. This park is fully enriched with adventurous rides and kids love spending time here. Luna Park is famous for its rides and every time they bring lots of adventure and fun with their new rides. Not only children even adults can enjoy these rides. There is a particular section for adult rides. Recently they’ve planned to launch new rides such as Thrill ride, Family coaster, and an anchor coaster. This is a place where you should visit when coming to Sydney.

Free things to do in Sydney today

7. Enjoy Sydney’s Nightlife

There is not even a shadow of a doubt that Sydney’s Nightlife is the thing you must experience. As people expect from Sydney, Sydney fulfills their demands. People come and enjoy the nightlife here in Sydney because of the crowd and ambiance that make this place more charming and captivating. You can visit different places such as The Scary Canary, Chinese Laundry, Visit Sydney’s Tower and a lot of new things. Oxford street is a place which you should also visit. This is one of the most popular free things to do in Sydney today.

8. Get Knowledge from Museum of Sydney

Museum of sydney -

As we go through, We find that Sydney has kept its history within itself and people enjoy exploring that history in the Museum of Sydney. The Museum of Sydney is the best museum in Australia that you should visit without any doubt. Here you will find many different exhibitions and workshops regarding the history of Australia and how all things evolved. You can even get a guided tour here that will help you understand things better. The collection stored here is just mind-boggling. This is the place for history lovers, that they dream for.

Things to do in Sydney today free

9. Seek wildlife at Taronga Zoo

This zoo is successfully running for more than 100 years and we’re still counting on that. Taronga Zoo is one of the most famous zoo in the world and people come here to delve more into wildlife. If you are planning to visit this Zoo then you have to buy its tickets before visiting here. You can see almost every species here such as from African Jungles, Asia, America and Australia’s itself. You will find each and every species here if you are from Asia or any other continent you can visit according to continents and their wildlife. They also provide guided tours and you can also hire vehicle for a tour.

10. Enjoy view from Sydney Tower

things to do in sydney today free

Sydney Tower is famous for its view and skywalk. You can come here with your friends and family and the view from the top is really fascinating as you get to see almost every corner of Sydney from here. Here you will get an hour of guided Skywalk tour and 4D cinema too. The food here is also mouth-watering and this is the best place in Sydney if you are talking about view and adventure.

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