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Facing the calm waters of Encounter Bay on the east side of South Australia on the Fleurieu Peninsula. Victor Harbor has something to delight all members of the family. Just an hour from Adelaide by car, the ancient charms of the area are far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Get acquainted with the marine life, meander along the coastal trails, and ride some of Australia’s unique travel routes! Here we will talk about top things to do in Victor harbour .

Things to do in Victor harbour South Australia

Get into Heritage steam train

Drive through the glistening sea as you travel by Cockle Train via the Steam Ranger Heritage Railway. Founded in 1854, South Australia’s first railway line (Australia’s first steel line). Steam trains began to be introduced 30 years later, and while trains have changed over the years, a good location has never been possible. Go down to Goolwa to buy handmade art on the station platform, sample local ale. You can also get whiskey at Steam Exchange Brewery, or enjoy a seafood lunch in the Goolwa Wharf area.

Coorong and Murray Mouth

 Coorong-and-Murray-Mouth - things to do in victor harbour south australia

From the Riverport of Goolwa by boat to the Goolwa Barrage, you can see the local wool colony as you pass through the locker room in the freshwater lakes and into the brackish waters of Coorong National Park.
Here we enter the land of the ‘Storm Boy’ as we head towards the mighty Murray River.

Here your captain will tell you about the painful mouths of the past. When you get to the Younghusband peninsula your captain takes you where he goes guided showing the bush tucker and digs Pipis in the sea. Enjoy morning or afternoon tea at the board before heading back to Whhrf with Goolwa Barrage to complete your cruise.

Things to do in Victor harbour at night

Enjoy Coorong Adventure Cruise

Depart from Main Wharf in the old town on the banks of the Goolwa River by boat along the coast to Goolwa Barrage where we pass by Lock. Sail along the end of the Murray River to the mouth of the river and cross to Coorong National Park. Stop the guided walk across the peninsula, traverse the green dunes to 90 Mile Beach. Learn about the many plants and animals found here and how the Aboriginal people lived in the area. Visit the Storm Boy-inspired world and see the rural areas where iconic films are made. Enjoy lunch as you ride into Coorong past the amazing white sand dunes.

You’ll see the life of migratory and migratory wild birds before hiking among the sand dunes at beautiful Cattle Point. Take another guided tour to find water and visit the old central tribal area. Afternoon tea is brewed to roam back in Coorong, past the life of many swampy birds and spectacular sand dunes, across the mouth of Murray and through Lock back to Goolwa.

Spend some time with penguins

Granite island - things to do in victor harbour

Go back to Granite Island one night to see the little penguins that live there as they come ashore. After spending a day catching fish and fleeing predators in the open waters of the Great Australian Bight, determined penguins return to the island to feed their young and rest from their next fishing trip. To protect the colony, a penguin’s view is permitted only by taking a guided tour.

Free things to do in Victor harbour

Spice up for an adventurous ride at Tandem Skydive Adelaide

The most amazing sky in Adelaide. At Goolwa Airport, you will be greeted by staff and passed through a security forum. You will have the opportunity to learn more about skating from the way we travel, and learning to enter the game as a solo skydiver.

After getting to know your trainer, preparing yourself at the top of the distance, you will be ready to experience the adrenaline rush! Take a trip to Goolwa Airport, fly to the magnificent south coast, experience a 220kph waterfall, and reach Basish’s Beach. Your friends and family can enjoy whale viewing on the beach in the Basam beach. You’ll also get free parking, before viewing you on the soft sand.

Visit Granite Island

Granite Island is a rocky outcrop, out of reach of a footbridge. Pass across or jump on board a famous horse-drawn tram. Arthur of Clydesdale knows the beat well and is proud to be one of the world’s most popular horse-drawn trumpets. Download the Sculpture Encounters Granite Island Walking Tour App to make a self-guided tour of the island’s public art collection and view a small penguin colony.

Things to do in Victor harbour this weekend

Chill during Seal Island Tour

Some of Adelaide’s magnificent views and traditional wildlife can be found at sea. Embark on the Adelaide Seal Island Tour and enjoy the salty air. The trip is from Adelaide’s Granite Island Causeway and takes you on a fun trip to the beach. Big Duck motors passed Granite Island before reaching Seal Island. Here, find some of the most friendly creatures in the area: the Australian Sea Lion and the New Zealand Fur seal. While enjoying the unique view of Adelaide’s beach, be sure to check out some of the amazing sea creatures such as the Common and Bottlenose dolphin. Also check out many seabirds such as the Cormorant, Shearwaters, and Petrel. After being stranded on the Seal Island coast for 15 minutes, the boat trip will continue to Wright Island, before heading back to the Germite Island Causeway terminus.

Hangout at South Australian Whale Centre

South Australian Whale Centre  -

Enter the underwater world to learn all you need to know about whales from the South Australia Whale Center. This is the educational and attractions found in Victor Harbor. Visitors of all ages are sure to learn something new while visiting this famous center. Providing an appropriate year-round collaborative tour. Visitors will be able to access a range of exhibitions and exhibitions, architectural art. You’ll learn about the history of the whaling region and local marine wildlife that live in the waters of Victor Harbor.

This is in the state heritage building. It has a number of attractions which contains a 3D theater, a Kidz Zone playground. Moreover, a gift shop that sells souvenirs to commemorate your visit to the center. A great attraction for Victor Harbor visitors who want to learn about the region and its interactions with these incredible animals.

Victor harbour south australia

Appreciate natural beauty at Deep Creek Conservation Park

The home of some of Australia’s most popular animals. It contains the Wester Gray Kangaroos and Short Beaked Echidnas. Not only this you’ll see 100 different species of birds that are often heard before they can be seen. Offering the only tourists camp in the woods 100 miles from Adelaide, these five stadiums are ideal for city escape. The four campgrounds are accessible by two-wheeled vehicles, while the stadiums on the Hysen Trail are accessible only on foot.

The park offers 15 hiking trails, each offering stunning views of local attractions. Here you’ll see Kangaroo Island, Background Passage, and Deep Creek Valley. Traveling is difficult and long, so be sure to choose a track that is right for your travel group.

Jump with joy like kangaroos at Urimbirra Open-Range Wildlife Park

Urimbirra Open-Range Wildlife Park -

This is located in the picturesque Hindmarsh Valley. The Urimbirra Open-Range Wildlife Park is home to a large collection of Aussie favorites. This park has dingoes, crocodiles, wallabies, wombats, and koalas. Home to more than 400 indigenous Australian animals, Urimbirra Wildlife Park is wildlife you will never want to miss. As you walk around the park, you’ll see alpacas, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, and chooks – be sure to bring your camera to this Victor Harbor gem. Visitors to the park are given the opportunity to feed kangaroos by hand. Moreover, you get a chance to walk through the rainbow aviary, hug a koala or handle a snake.
It is a family-owned business that operates and is open to the public seven days a week.

Vineyard Hopping

Nearby McLaren Vale has been known worldwide for its shiraz for over a century. With more than a hundred thief doors to choose from. The valleys of wine are covered with vineyards and historic stone buildings. Relax among the gumtrees at the wine shops in small shops. You should get plenty of time to visit the five-story glass cube building in d’Arenberg . At five-story glass cube where the ‘Blending Bench’ experience gives you the opportunity to create your own signature combination.

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