What to do in Hobart – Top things to do in Hobart

Hobart is known as Australia’s smallest capital and We all heard that “Never judge a book by its cover” and it is true here, Hobart is one of the main attraction points in Australia. Views in Hobart are just magnificent, captivating markets, and all the cultural activities capture visitor’s hearts. In this article, we will be talking about Top things to do in Hobart and What to do in Hobart if you ever visit Hobart. Here in Hobart, you’ll feel a different sense of attachment and people love to spend time here in Hobart. So, without waiting any further let’s talk about what to do in Hobart and Top things to do in Hobart.

What to do in Hobart today

1. Visit Sandy Bay

This high-rise area of the state capital is minutes from the CBD but is filled with village feeling.
Sandy Bay has walking and cycling trails, and although it is one of the most beautiful places in the country’s capital, here you will enjoy a fresh and energetic ambiance.

Some of the most expensive lands here are on the slopes of the Mountain and are located in residential areas, there are many buildings in the area that have been standing since the nineteenth century.

Visitors can walk next to the boats and can follow the narrow winding streets to capture spectacular views and, take a chance to eat in one of the best restaurants and cafes. Sandy Bay holds a Casino, an official casino in Australia which was opened in 1973.

2. Lark Distillery

Lark Distillery Hobart - placesyoushouldvisit.com

This retail store was opened in Hobart in 1992, more than 150 years after the closure of licensed Tasmanian used goods. The island has everything you need to make a good whiskey, from its high peat to its barley fields and clear waters.

In the same street as Mawson’s Huts and the tourist information center, you can find all the knowledge, skill, and science that can help you explore Tasmania’s first malt whiskey.
The timings for the tour are from 10: 30-13: 00 Friday to Sunday, but there is also a whiskey bar that opens every day of the week, pouring over 250 local and international whiskey, as well as Tasmanian beer, cider, and wine.

What to do in Hobart Tasmania

3. Visit and Shop in Salamanca Markets

With the new Tasmania ambiance and the growing reputation of producers and artists, it is not surprising that the markets are an important part of Hobart.

With about 300 open stalls every Saturday from 8:30 am Salamanca market is unique and very popular.
There are various art products, handicrafts, clothing, live music, and many more ready-to-eat foods to choose from as you roam through the market and nearby waterfalls.

I would suggest you arriving early to choose the best one, by 2 p.m. most stores are already packing.

4. Have fresh air at Mount Wellington

Things to do in hobart

The background of Hobart is Mount Wellington known by its Kunanyi indigenous name which can be easily translated as ‘mountain’. At 1271 meters above sea level it is a spectacular view and can offer incredible views over the city and the harbor.

Plan your visit however, it is known that the mountains are snowy even in summer. Mountains are covered with clouds that can sometimes block beautiful views.

There are many mountain options including walking and mountain biking. At the top is looking at the whole weather to take refuge in the sky. Metro buses do not run high but there are a variety of tourist and travel options available to get there.

What to do in Hobart for a day

5. Get Knowledge from Art Museum MONA

Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art was opened in 2011 and has been making waves since then.

The creative mind of an Australian businessman David Walsh, this museum maintains his art collection.

As Mark Wilsdon, a member of MONA, told Culture Trip: “MONA visitors can expect the unexpected”.

We want the experience to be a little more accessible, with event interventions, performance, food, and drink as part of the experience.

Just a 20-minute ferry ride from Brooke Street Pier, MONA is a place visitors will never forget.

Pro tip: Once the museum has shown you everything you can head towards the Morilla corner for a glass of wine and delicious food.

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6. Checkout Battery Point

Battery Point - placesyoushouldvisit.com

On the southern shoreline, you can see Salamanca and the Famous Battery Point.

Markets are open here on Saturday, but throughout the week, it has a variety of shops and restaurants to look inside the newly built buildings.

As you continue with your walk you will come to Kelly’s footsteps built-in 1839 to connect Salamanca Place with Battery Point.

At the top, you can wander the streets full of historic houses that are slowly growing and becoming more and more attractive.

If you continue there you will come across Arthurs Circus, a circular park. Arthurs Circus is surrounded by small houses, some houses are the oldest in the old town of Hobart.

While up here you might want to look for Jackman and McRoss, a bakery known for its delicious and well-known Hobart.

What to do in Hobart at night

7. Catch up with Kangaroos in Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Follow the Derwent River and for half an hour or more you will reach Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can get closer to the Tasmanian species.

On the main edge and in the center of this beautiful park, you will meet Forester kangaroos, wallabies, Tasmanian devils, quills, echidna, wombats, and all kinds of bird species.

Forester kangaroos can go where they like, and they love relationships, they often come to you for attention.

A feed bag is included during the entry, and on a regular guided tour, you will find some facts about the devil, wombats, and koalas you may not have known otherwise.

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8. Appreciate Natural Beauty at Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Royal Tasmania Gardens Hobart - placesyoushouldvisit.com

Situated in Queens, a hilly area of ​​downtown beaches in Hobart, you will discover Australia’s oldest botanical garden.

It is amazing to think that the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens were planted more than 200 years ago.

The mix of historical species and the aquatic environment makes this attraction significant.

There is an Antarctic botanical garden, a fuchsia house, a cactus collection, a peaceful Japanese garden, and a traditional vegetable garden.

The Arthur Wall is heated, allowing exotic plants to grow in the cool Tasmanian climate. Outside winding garden paths you will be in the shadow of one of the world’s largest groups of conifers.

Do not leave without looking at the store, selling honey made in the area of ​​garden nests, and botanical gin.

What to do in Hobart on Sunday

9. Enjoy Drinks in Cascade Brewery

The Cascade Brewery was founded in 1824 and with its unique Gothic architecture it is now the oldest brewery in Australia.

It is only four miles away from downtown and you can get out here by Metro Bus from Franklin Square in about 10 minutes.

There is a trip every day to visit the most rated site here. You have to wear long pants and fitted shoes, and to see it in action you have to visit during the week. It is very popular so I might suggest calling before booking time.

If you visit here dressed inappropriately or do not have time for a trip. I would recommend samples for your selection of 4 beers and/or cider and sit in the mature peaceful gardens.

10. Lie down and calm yourself at Mount Nelson Lookout

what to do in hobart - placesyoushouldvisit.com

It is not as popular as Mount Wellington but it is equally as relaxing as Mount Nelson Lookout. It is five miles south of the CBD.

Since 1811 Mount Nelson Lookout has been the site for refugees, in Port Arthur, about 60 miles from southeast.

The prisoner at the time had little chance of escaping, as the signal could be transmitted in less than 15 minutes.

The station was closed with the advent of the telegraph in 1880.

Today Mount Nelson is enriched with beautiful panoramas in Hobart and the Derwent Estuary.
There are picnic areas and restaurants for easy bites. You can also take a trip to Trugani Reserve, 130 hectares of traditional reserve bushland. Inside is the Trugani Memorial, dedicated to the Tasmanian Aboriginal people.

One track follows Cartwright Creek’s trail through forests with wildflowers and inhabited by birds like an endangered parrot.

Things to do in Hobart

11. Go to Bruny Island

Bruny is actually 2 islands, north, and south of Bruny covered by this hillock with sand in the middle. Climb 238 steps up a hill for a spectacular view. The island is magnificent, with some rugged terrain, quiet, and peaceful. The beaches are just beautiful and most of them are lost.

On the hill, as you climb there are many holes which are the holes for birds and legends.
Underwater tunnels were built to prevent penguins from getting injured. As they approached the shores of their burrows in the evening.

These are a few of the wildlife attractions the island has to offer, there are landmarks, dolphins, many other seabirds, wallabies including white and unusual albinos, colorful birds, and echidna.

There are plenty of restaurants where you can grab some handmade cake and seafood that has just caught or harvested.

12. Peek into History of Australia on Heritage City Walk

Heritage walk - fun things to do in hobart

Founded in 1804, Hobart is the second oldest European settlement in Australia.

Hobart is turning into another British penal colony, the city is full of remains from this period, including the construction of colonial times, old goals, and fascinating stories.

Formerly known as Sullivan’s Cove, one of the most exciting things you can do in Hobart is to take a walk through the city streets. You can visit exciting places – from City Flour Mill and Hospital to Parliament House. Here you can learn about the events that made Hobart an international capital today.

If you like something spookier or a lot of interaction, You can join a Hobart ghost tour to explore the streets in the dark. During this tour, you may discover the secrets and dark stories of the city’s oldest buildings.

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